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Relationships are hard work, especially when you have been together for a long time.

No one prepares you for that.

You go into the relationship bright eyed and bushy-tailed thinking “I finally have someone in my life who loves and respects me, who supports me”. It’s heartbreaking when things start breaking down.

You start replaying your life together in your head, where did it all go wrong? Was it me, was it him or was it never right to begin with.

You don’t communicate well, your arguments are escalating. They’re more frequent and intense.

The more you try to bring back connection and support, you drift further apart. You try and bring up the issues and talk through things but nothing’s improving.

When you throw kids into the mix, his family, your family, your upbringing it all feels too much.
You start wondering is it meant to be like this, do I fight for it or let go? Am I the only one trying, you both have so much to improve on but where do you start?

You need to figure this out NOW and you know there must be a better way.

The truth is… you’re both focusing on what each of you has done wrong and how the other person needs to change. Which is normal right?. But the thing is….you actually need to turn that focus around and take a look at what’s driving your own actions.

You need to figure out why you act & react the way you do. It’s essential to understand where your conflict & communication styles come from. These are the KEYS that unlock healthy relationships.

Typically they come from your past experiences, even from your childhood.

Many of us have triggers, reminders of old emotional wounds. And it’s only when you understand where these have come from and how to move past them that you can start communicating effectively, resolve your conflicts and get back to that loving relationship again.

Remember healing past emotional wounds + effective communication = great relationship.

And this is where I come in...


You see, I’ve been where you are and I have worked with 100s of clients whose relationship is on the brink of breakdown.

I‘ve been with my husband for 12 years BUT it wasn’t always smooth sailing.

I’ve had a lot of trauma in my life, I grew up in a very patriarchal society and my idea of what a relationship and marriage boiled down to was: My husband and children are my ONLY priority, do what he says and if there’s anything wrong it’s probably my fault.

We’re expected to be in relationships that last a lifetime but no one tells us how do it.. We’re not given a marriage manual telling us how to get through those difficult times Like dealing with conflict, setting healthy boundaries and communication.

It’s through my own struggles that I realized I understood very little of my own behaviours and patterns. I often expressed my various emotions, like frustration & hurt through anger - thinking my husband had provoked me and was at fault. That he’d caused my anger. It certainly felt that way.

But when I turned within, on a journey of exploration, understanding and healing my eyes were opened. I used my Western Psychology training (through my counselling studies) to understand the brain and why we do what we do and my love for Eastern philosophy to guide me where I wanted to go.

I discovered a unique approach to dealing with conflict and communication struggles and finding the support I needed. . I learned how to get back to connection, intimacy, respect and love.

And I’m so passionate about this work I want to share it with other women going through the same issues.

Maybe you’ve tried reading relationship books or listening to podcasts about how to improve your relationships. They’re often filled with some great ideas but they quickly become ineffective or you don’t know how to implement them for your particular situation. You know there are missing pieces to this puzzle and you need some real support. Introducing:

The Conscious Relationship

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I’ve created a comprehensive yet easy-to-understand 4 week course that focuses on YOU and YOUR relationship.

I’ll help you understand what emotional wounds you need to work through, why you’re both reacting the way you do and how to stop fighting and start building. I will cover communication, conflict resolution and support and connection. Using the same principles that helped me and so many of my clients integrate Western psychology with Eastern Philosophy.

But don’t just take my word for it, here is what my previous clients had to say:

"I found very difficult to put down in words what Vanja done for me and my family. She made me see the circle that I am stuck in since a little girl and why I felt the way I was feeling, my experience was magical."

"Vanja is amazing, she listened to my story from childhood with empathy, helped me see the link between my anxiety and something unresolved for many years."

"Vanja made me feel empowered to maintain healthy boundaries with my family - Build my capacity to face fears in a controlled manner in the same situations that triggered my anxiety."

"I wish I had found Vanja a few years back but at least I found her. Thank you, Vanja. I haven't healed fully but with you empowering me every session and building my capacity I am sure I can be free from my past issues and trauma."

Just picture yourself in a week. Having insight after insight. Finally understanding where you’ve been going wrong along. Knowing how to create deep awareness and more connection in your relationship.

And imagine in a few weeks finally being able to express yourself clearly and effectively and being able to truly understand your husband. Deep conversations coming from a place of love and respect creating harmony in your relationship. Not fearing bringing up a topic because it will result in a fight but actually getting to the root of the issue.

A few months down the track the spark in your relationship is back. You’re happier & feel more connected than ever. You’re able to communicate with love and respect - even on topics you don’t agree on. Taking responsibility for your actions and reactions and always coming from a place of love.

What you’ll get?

Access to my weekly The Conscious Relationship

Each week I’ll be doing a deep dive into the self and your relationship. I will cover communication, conflict resolution, trust, connection and support. Each module is broken down into easily digestible topics, giving you tools and comprehensive instructions on how to best use them and how to deal with any obstacles that may arise. You’ll feel clearer, more confident and more compassionate to work through any argument you face.

Weekly group coaching calls

Yes, we’re going to get together every week and I’ll be checking in on where you’re at, what you’re stuck with and generally making sure you’re on track. You’ll finally have the support you need. You’ll have a chance to ask me any questions about the content or your relationship in general.

Module #1

Discover the concept of self, and how that impacts your relationship. You'll start creating awareness of your triggers and emotions and understanding where they come from.

Learn how to heal the emotional wounds created throughout your life and let go of any pain and judgment.

Module #2

Develop knowledge, skill and attitude to communicate effectively. Know you and your partner's communication style and how to approach communication. Learn how to listen without judgement and really understand each other. Discover how to bring up sensitive topics and be vulnerable with each other.

Module #3

Learn how to prevent conflicts from causing long-term damage to your relationship. You'll also acquire the skills needed to reduce arguments, fights, and hurtful exchanges, which can help create a more peaceful and harmonious environment. Discover how to feel seen, heard, and understood by your partner, leading to a deeper level of intimacy and connection. Moreover, you will learn how to identify the core issues that cause disagreements, leading to more effective and lasting solutions. Finally, you'll master the art of apologies and repairing relationships after conflicts, resulting in a stronger and more resilient partnership.

Module #4

Find connection and support in your relationship. Learn how to establish healthy boundaries, allowing you to protect yourself while maintaining positive relationships with others. Say "yes" to experiences that can deepen your connections with loved ones, and learn how to navigate vulnerability in a way that fosters intimacy and trust. By learning techniques that lower your anxiety and increase your sense of freedom, you’ll be able to connect with others in a more meaningful way.

Get ready to move from disconnection and miscommunication to respect, understanding and connection.

Now that’s not all that’s included, here are some bonuses if you register TODAY!


  • Communication Resolution Quiz - To help you determine your partner and your communication style
  • The Do’s and Don'ts of Healthy Relationships & Effective Communication
  • Journal workbook for each week with powerful questions to take you deeper
  • 10 Date Ideas Bring the spark back
  • Private Facebook Community

Discover true happiness and freedom in your relationship….

Learn how to create a respectful and connected relationship with your partner. You’ill learn how to better understand each other's desires and fears, resulting in a deeper level of intimacy and trust.

As a result of this newfound understanding, you'll experience feelings of joy, love, and support within your relationship. You'll be able to reignite the spark that brought you together in the first place and create a relationship that is fulfilling and meaningful. Learn how to communicate effectively with your partner, allowing you both to feel seen and heard.

Overall, the course offers a valuable opportunity to enhance your relationship and create a foundation of mutual respect and understanding. By investing in your relationship, you can experience the true happiness and freedom that comes with a strong and connected partnership.


Here’s the thing… you could spend years and years being frustrated & unhappy in your marriage hoping things will change.

You could even go through the pain and hurt of losing the one you love.

And go on to repeat the same patterns with new partner.

Or maybe spend thousands hiring a relationship coach and work with them 1:1.

Worse case - you could spend vast sums of money on a long drawn out painful divorce.


Secure your spot today!

I could easily charge 2k for this program. I’ve been where you are and this program is my soul's work. I’m giving you everything I’ve learned over the last 10+ years to help you create a loving, healthy relationship with more support, better communication, connection and respect.

All you have to do is say yes to your marriage.

But hurry…. limited places available!


And if you're reading this and wondering if it will work for you.

The answer is YES.


I’ve done this myself and have helped my clients do it too. In fact, using the EXACT methods & tools I teach, I’ve helped my clients go from feeling lost and alone to happiness and love!
Which means it's 100% possible for you too.


If you’re ready to build a STRONG marriage with connection and support
Develop effective communication skills, express how you feel and what you need
Discover how to work through conflict & even when in disagreement you remember the love and respect you have for each other.
Set healthy boundaries in the relationship and discover a rich, life-giving relationship.
Learn how to ignite the spark in your relationship again
I’d love to invite you to join us.

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